It’s a day of celebration and what’s a celebration without a handful of shots and double fisting some beers. It may be one of the only times that getting drunk with nanna is acceptable. Where embarrassing dance moves gets you cheers. Where sweating through your 3 piece suit or your dress is acceptable.

It’s all great.

And the DJ cuts the music…

Once the party is over, everyone is amped up with embarrassing dance moves and a little too much alcohol.

Now everyone is stumbling to the parking lot, asking where the after party is. Too often, there isn’t.

But get this.

What about providing the best wedding surprise to your guests.

Taco Catering after the Wedding!

After too many shots and too much dancing, everyone in the back of their head is thinking of greasy food.

What better party gift than having a taco guy waiting for everyone as the party is over. Your guests will go crazy as they now don’t have to drunkenly ask their ubers to take them to Taco Bell or try to scroll through Yelp listings to find an “authentic mexican” place.

It’s a little bit too much work.

That’s why you need to hire taco catering!

How to Set Up The Taco Catering

What we suggest is a surprise. Usually the reception is in an enclosed space. People usually need to walk out of the area.

That’s where you surprise them.

Our team will set up the taco catering table right outside and once people walk out they will be welcomed by a heaven of tacos.

Taco Catering Options

Hiring a Taco Guy: Go the ol fashioned way and get an actual taco guy after the wedding to cook and serve the tacos!

Taco Catering:  Taco Bar Catering staff can help distribute the tacos to everyone or you can have everyone do it themselves. We can also just do a drop off and you can have the guests get the food themselves.

Mexican Food Platters: If you want more than tacos, you can get the whole package. Tortas, taquitos, rice, beans and everything you could ever want.

There’s many ways to do it, but everyone loves a taco after a night of drinking.

Tacos And Love

We got this idea from a wedding in Cabo. A taco man was hired to wait outside the wedding reception and now we want to make this a thing in Orange County.

Orange County boasts some of the best tacos in California and even the country.

If you’ve read anything about Taco Bar Catering’s story, it’s about entrepreneurship. Our founder, Gustavo, is always trying new ideas and this is something we really believe in.

Let’s change up the wedding game just a bit. Let’s give the people what they want after a night of booze and dancing.


To get started on some bomb taco options for your wedding, you can give us a call or you can also go to our taco bar menu or to our online ordering system.