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Hire a Taco Guy

We know, we know – you’d love to prepare a homemade feast for your family with your incredible culinary skills that you learned on Masterchef, but you simply don’t have the time! No worries, we’ve got you covered. Get our freshly made tacos, hot off the grill from our Taco Guy at your next event. From our juicy carne asada to our authentic salsas, Taco Bar Catering is equipped to offer the tastiest Mexican Catering in Orange County. And the best part? Our Taco Man will deliver it right to your door and cook it up fresh, so you don’t have to! Let us know if you’ve got a special preference and we’ll make sure to accommodate to what you need.

If you need a Taco Guy in Orange County, you can trust Taco Bar Catering to get the job done. Call for orders under 35 people. Each service is for 2-Hours. Just head over to our Taco Bar Catering menu to choose exactly what you want to eat and when you want it.

Choose three proteins. The Deluxe Taco Bar includes three salsas, pico de gallo, lettuce, tostada bowls, cheese, sour cream, guacamole and The Essentials.

What to expect when hiring a taco guy?

Set Up Time & Equipment Needs: 

For our Taco Cart or Taco Guy services, set up time is around 45 minutes and we will bring all the equipment needed to make some darn good tacos.

We’ll need a 10×15 empty space to set up our equipment and team.


In order for us to prepare properly for the event we’ll need to know the following:

  • Quantity of guests specified ahead of time allows us to bring the right amount of food needed to serve everyone.
  • Preference of protein depends on which package is selected. We have various options to choose from:
    • Carne Asada
    • Carnitas
    • Al Pastor
    • Shredded Beef
    • Grilled Chicken
    • Fish and Shrimp

We happily accommodate any special modifications that may be needed. We ask that any special requests are placed a week in advance from the event date. 

Working the event

Hiring a Taco Guy or Taco Cart will provide 2-hours of service. Our professional staff will cook, serve and clean the area for your guests. You get the freshest tacos without lifting a finger.

Our staff can speak both English and Spanish proficiently.

The Taco Bar Catering brings a level of professionalism and energy to the event. Staff members will talk and politely serve guests with a smile. We are not your friend’s friend’s taco guy. We’re a professional operation that has years of restaurant experience and caters events all over Orange County.

Recommendations for a Successful Taco Guy

Being on time and reliable! Hosting an event or party is such a stressful occurrence for the host, whatever you can do to help ease the stress of the food arriving on-time and being delicious will only enhance customer service. Also maintaining a clean presence is very very important especially since your dealing with food.

Luckily, we do all this for you :).

Taco Guy Pricing breakdown

Pricing for a Taco Guy is different from our Taco Bar Catering pricing. Our Taco Guy/Cart service is when we come out to your location and cook for you and your guest on-site. Our service is for  2-hours of live catering, separate from setting up and cleaning-up afterwards.

Just like the Taco Bar, all of our Taco Cart Packages include:

  • Mexican Rice
  • Chips
  • Black or Refried Beans
  • Limes, Cilantro
  • Onions
  • Soft Flour & Corn Tortillas
  • Chafing Dishes and Serving Tools
  • Napkins, Plates, and Utensils

You will also choose proteins based on the package you pick

Basic Taco Guy Service: Select two proteins and two salsas of your choice.

Deluxe Taco Guy Service: Choose three proteins. The Deluxe Taco Bar includes three salsas, pico de gallo, lettuce, tostada bowls, cheese, sour cream, and guacamole are also included.

Gustavo’s Recommendations

To me, the Deluxe Package is the most popular and the best experience for guests. We can make quesadillas, nachos, burritos and taco salads.

What I can tell you is everyone loves tacos, but once they have tacos they start wanting more.

And because we’ll have the supplies we can make any additional items they ask so it’s not just tacos, but pretty much an entire Mexican food kitchen.

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