Taco Bar Catering Introduction Video


Hi guys, my name is Cesar, and this is my friend Gustavo. Younger, taller, I’m still better looking though haha! Anyway, let me tell a little bit about ourselves, we’ve been in the restaurant business over 13 years and we’ve always done catering and the only difference now is we decided to launch our catering business called Taco Bar Catering as of last year.

So a little back story of how the business was created. I actually took a class at Saddleback college. It was an entrepreneurship class, so the class, the concept of the class was we had a creative business plan. So this was the business plan that we created and it’s in full affect now. Now it’s been a year and we’re loving it.

Another background about us as a family, is our parents are first generation immigrants from Mexico. My dad’s from Puebla and my mom’s from Oaxaca. And a lot of the recipes we use and the restaurant come from Puebla and Oaxaca.

And another story about why we’re a little chubby, a little bit is the fact that we’ve been eating this food our whole, entire life and now we’re bringing it to you guys. Don’t worry, we eat this food every day and that’s why we’re like this.

You guys won’t be disappointed, you’ll love the food. You can check out the reviews from the restaurant that we own. It’s called Taqueros in San Juan Capistrano. And that’s the same food that we serve in the restaurant we serve with our catering business.

If you guys have any questions, don’t forget to give us a call and check out our website. It’s really easy to use and again, if you have any questions, thank you guys.