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Taco Bar Catering is the primary choice for taco catering in Orange County! Founded in 2017 by owner, Gustavo Lezama, Taco Bar Catering has quickly become a familia favorite throughout Orange County.
We started out in the food industry 12 years ago as Taco Factory in Mission Viejo. We eventually grew into Taqueros Mexican Restaurant, which has been a local favorite in San Juan Capistrano since 2013. Finally, Taco Bar Catering was born in July of 2017.
All of the food served by Taco Bar Catering comes straight from the restaurant. And Taqueros has a great reputation for a good reason – we know what we’re doing! Come down to San Juan Capistrano sometime to see what we’re made of. We like to let our food do the talking.

The Familia

Gustavo and his siblings have a rich background in Mexico. Their mom is from Oaxaca and their dad is from Puebla – neighboring states in Central Mexico.
Our family is first generation immigrants from Mexico, and we never forgot our roots and culture. Mom and Dad were raised breeding cattle, chicken, and goats. Their homes were made from adobe and palm leaves. Their dream for better opportunities and better lives for their children led them to the United States.
Even though times get tough, one thing that has always kept the family together, tight and happy was food. There is no greater happiness than a satisfied stomach.

Our Mission

We know how important food is in bringing people together. That’s why we don’t hold back on anything. Taco Bar Catering is committed to bringing people together over delicious, authentic Mexican food.

Social Responsibility

We appreciate our humble beginnings and always look for ways to give back. We are currently working with shelters in Oaxaca and Puebla to support kids in school, providing them with school materials, clothes, shoes, and backpacks.
Proceeds from your order go to shaping the future of these young minds.

What We Do

Our main goal as a company is to create the most simple and easy process to order the best tasting taco catering in all of Orange County. This is catering done right.
We cater to family gatherings, corporate parties, networking events, and more. If you have any questions about the Taco Bar Catering options, feel free to call us at (949) 891-5313, or drop us an email at

Contact Us

We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.

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