What Is in the Taco Cart?

If you are wondering what is in our taco carts, here’s a quick 2 minute video going over every detail of our Taco Bar Catering taco carts!


Hey guys, I’m Caesar and I’m Gustavo and we’re brothers and we’re the owners of Taco Bar Catering and today we’re going to go over our taco cart for you guys to see what we’re made of

So our taco cart, it’s for two and a half hours, you guys can eat as much as you guys want 5, 10, 15 20 times. Don’t matter we’re here to serve you guys.

So you guys can build your own nachos. You guys can build your own taco salad. We got the taco shells right here. You got some salad right there. We got some rice and beans and as we go, we got some things I like we already. We got some mixed veggies, some meat for tortillas

We have condiments, which is included. We have cilantro limes, onions, pico de gallo, guacamole cheese, the sour cream. We also include 3 salsas and the rich from mild hot, an extra hot.

We also include napkins and utensils, and we’ll see you soon on your next party.