Why Tacos are Perfect for Holiday Catering!

I don’t know about you but the biggest stressor for a lot of people is all the planning that goes into hosting a Holiday Party. You not only have to worry about all the glitz and glam of the decorations, your guest-list, but you also have to put together a fire playlist. Your to-do list could easily be longer than Santa’s Christmas list, but you could easily take the menu off your list. Going with tacos for your holiday catering is the way to go! It’s unique and convenient.

Instead of spending all day shopping for ingredients, standing in the kitchen cooking a huge meal for your guests, you could just make it a whole lot easier and order some Christmas party food delivered straight to your door! If you spend all your energy cooking the whole day, you won’t have any energy for your own event. Instead of cooking all day you could spend that time perfecting your look or putting some last minute touches to make sure your guests have a great night. Taco catering is an easy way to make sure you use your time wisely.

As Mobile as a Taco Truck!

No Juan says I hate tacos, come one let’s be honest. Have you ever overheard someone say, “I dislike tacos with a passion!”? Take your time, we did when we were thinking about it ourselves, and nothing came to mind – because they are PERFECT for parties. One taco in hand and an agua fresca in the other, no forks or spoons needed. You finish the taco and you have a free hand to reload on another delicious taco. Ever wonder why there are taco stands on every corner with lines around the block? That’s because the there aren’t enough tacos in the world!

People will be so excited when they see the Holiday catering for your party is tacos instead of some dry turkey or overcooked rubbery ham. A taco party Christmas party is the place everyone will want to be this year. Guests at Catered Holiday Parties love moving around, have you tried getting around with a full plate and drink plus a fork? Set the tone for the night with Taco Party Catering, everyone knows tacos are fun!

Have it your way, every-time!

Let’s be honest, when’s the last time you got a 100% response rate from your RSVPs? Don’t complicate things for yourself deciding if you should get more chicken over fish. Mexican Taco Catering is made to order with our full service staff with more than 3-types of meat and sides to create vegan friendly options like beans, lettuce, onions, and salsa for guests.

Customization is THE BEST! Trying to put together a menu that will fit everyone’s dietary needs is so complicated. Catering tacos at your party offers simple and yet satisfying options that can fit into even the most health conscious of party goer’s diets. Tacos are high-protein, lower carb options. That means they are keto friendly too! Eat all that asada guilt free! You’re just getting your protein in!

Tacos are a Reminder of the Meaning of the Holidays

Red(Salsa), Green(Cilantro), White(Onions), and Yellow(Tortillas). In other words, light your Christmas Party  with food that is as bright and festive as the setting you’ve worked so hard to create. Just put a taco next to an X-mas tree and it will have you saying Feliz Navidad! Holiday Parties are a great reminder of the quality time we spend with family and friends, and to be grateful for all of our blessings.

Tacos are a humble and nostalgic food that fit perfectly into that ideal Christmas. There are not many frills or bells and whistles. What you see is what you get with a taco. They are a comfort food with a spicy kick, depending on how much salsa you like. Getting tacos delivered for your Christmas party will be one of the best choices you will make all year.

If you’re around the Southern Orange County area, please feel free to drop-in and say “Feliz Navidad!” at our Mexican Restaurant located in San Juan Capistrano.