Happy holidays, fellow taco lovers! No matter which holiday (or holidays!) you and your family celebrate, you’re probably going to eat together at some point. From Thanksgiving dinner to Christmas to New Years Eve, we believe that our tacos are the best choice for any meal and any holiday celebration! Not convinced? Let us explain.

Tacos Work for Any Party Size

Whether you’re feeding an army or having a small get-together with your immediate family, tacos are bound to satisfy everyone! Got a few last minute additions to the guest list? No problem! There are always enough tortillas to go around. We offer several different sized catering packages to perfectly suit your needs. If you need anything from a  handful of tacos to a whole buffet, we’ve got you covered! We can help you estimate how much you need to order based on your expected party size.

Every Plate is Personalized

When you offer your guests a taco bar setup, every individual gets to fix their own plate. This system is perfect for picky eaters and dietary restrictions? Your cousin doesn’t like beef? No worries, he can fill up on chicken tacos. Your aunt is a vegetarian? We offer a delicious mixed vegetable dish that makes the perfect taco filling! When folks get to serve themselves, they get to decide on their own portion size, toppings mix, and everything else! No need to be a short order cook when you serve tacos, there will be something for everyone.

Add Your Own Twist

While we provide everything you need to have an awesome catered taco bar party, including a selection of classic toppings and sides, you and your guests are always free to add your own specialty favorites! Homemade salsa, fresh veggies, a side dish that is traditional in your family, will all fit on the taco bar table. The possibilities are endless.

We Make it Easy!

With Taco Bar Catering, you won’t have to worry about shopping for ingredients, cooking, or doing the dishes! We take care of all of that. Your order can be delivered right to your home, with all of your selections in trays that are already perfect for serving! No need to fill your sink with pots and pans, just toss out the aluminum trays when you’re all done eating your delicious taco meal.


The most important reason to choose tacos for your holiday celebration? Everyone loves tacos! Yes, everyone. We have yet to meet an exception. Besides, what’s not to love?


We would love to cater your holiday party. Place an order with us online today!