Why Tacos Bring Everyone Together in Business.

There’s a long list of foods that you shouldn’t eat on a first date. And if it’s true that business is just like dating, then you probably decided a long time ago that those rules apply for networking events, job interviews, and work conferences too.

Some of those foods on the no-fly list are large burgers, tall sandwiches, spaghetti, ribs. Anything with broccoli. Pasta. Noodle soup. Regular soup. What etiquette experts suggest instead? Water, we’re guessing.

We get it – you want your potential future business partners to think of you as a poised, graceful professional. Of course, that’s especially true if you’re meeting with the important people from upstairs. But at some point, you all have to admit that you’re just here for the food.

Tacos are the perfect way to bring people together. When you’re at a professional event – whether it’s a networking event or even a conference – the people you meet probably all feel intimidated, self-conscious or straight up uncomfortable.

But when there are tacos… with a scoop of meat, a sprinkle of onions, and a drizzle of salsa. How could you feel intimidated with a mouthful of soft, corn tortilla? Sharing a pile of napkins with your coworkers who have sauce smeared all over their faces. Having a hearty debate over whether the al pastor or the carne asada is more delicious.

Be messy. Be awkward. Be yourself.

Make tacos, not war.