Happy Fall! Here in Orange County, we don’t exactly get to see fall colors or typical autumn weather. However, it is a beautiful time of year to be here! What better way to celebrate than with tacos? While we believe that anytime is a good time for tacos, here are some excuses – we mean, good reasons – to throw yourself a catered taco party!

Perfect Weather

We know you can eat tacos in the sun, in the rain, or in the snow, but autumn in Orange County is a particularly great time to eat outside. The summer heat has finally let up, but it is still warm enough to enjoy your backyard or favorite park. You can host a taco bar party at lunch time and soak up the fall warmth, or host a taco dinner party and have an excuse to pull your jacket out of the closet and see the sunset! If you host the party at your house, guests will be comfortable eating their tacos both inside or outside. The possibilities are endless!

Veterans’ Day

This year Veterans’ Day is on Sunday, November 11th, and will be observed on November 12th. This means some of us will get to enjoy a three day weekend! Take this extra day to enjoy some tacos and relax, you deserve it. What better way to celebrate your day off than with some delicious tacos delivered right to you? While many families may travel for the long weekend, don’t forget that a taco staycation is always a solid, traffic-free option.


Let’s be honest. We love our friends, but who wants to cook two giant meals in November? If you want to get together with your friends and you don’t want to cook a second turkey, consider throwing a taco party for Friendsgiving! Your friends will love our taco bar catering options. We also think that tacos are perfectly acceptable for a family Thanksgiving dinner!


We hope you find a way to enjoy some delicious tacos all year round. There are some haters in the world who would say that there is such thing as “too many tacos,” and we could not disagree more. If anyone ever judges you for eating tacos, you can use these legitimate reasons to prove them wrong.


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