For today’s post we want to go over the top parks you can have a party at. We’ve done taco catering all around Irvine and we’ve seen all the parks, so rather than you going on a scouting trip, let us help you short list a couple parks.

The focus of this list is for those who have kids.

Adventure Playground

With the most reviews of any park in Irvine, this park is everything you wanted a park to be as a child. Each time you visit, you can find something new to do. When you enter you will find that there is a reading area for those children who like a little bit of quiet time for themselves. There are books there to borrow, so no need to go to the library before.

The park is replete with different activities for your child to engage with. There are ping pong tables, a huge jungle gym decked out with bridges, slides, stairs and everything you would need to play fort. There is a section where kids can play with water and have fun getting muddy and sliding around. Huge cement slides allow for a quick get away and there are huge checkers and chess pieces for a nice cool down game of strategy.

One of our favorite sections of the park is the lego section. Here kids can play with huge lego’s and create walls, forts or whatever pieces of art. We love this because it gets the kids building castles and buildings without needing to go to the beach, which typically is the only place for kids to be playing architect.

The restrooms are clean and there is an area to hose off your children if they have gotten muddy. Baby changing stations are also available for the young ones.

Unfortunately you can’t reserve the park for a party, however if you want to make reservations you can do so for the adjacent building, University Community Park.

If you wanted the catering we could do so in the Community Park and your kids can run off to the park while we set up the food in the reserved area.

Bill Barber Memorial Park

Bill Barber Memorial Park is spacious and provides wide open space for the kids to run around while the parents can relax under the shade of the trees. There are swings and jungle gyms for your kids to frolic and play. The are many baseball diamonds which are often used by baseball and softball little league teams.

The parking is ample which is the best way to start the day. There’s nothing like not being able to find parking and now the whole day at the park is trying to wind down.

There is a nice little fountain for adults to sit around and to relax. Surrounding are different features that include shading and more benches that provide for nice scenery to have a chat with friends.

Farther in the park, there are shaded bench areas where you and your guests can have food, cake and party materials set out. Here is where we can help cater a taco party when your kids and family are out playing.

Those who have dogs and want to take them out for a walk, this is also a great place to do so as the path through the park will tkae you along a scenic walk.

William R. Mason Regional Park

William R. Mason Regional Park is a very popular park for many residents because of how clean the park is kept. The staff of the park do a great job making sure everything is well taken care of. There is a large pond/lake that ducks love to hang out on. There are wide expanses of grass and trees that kids can run and roll around in.

The park has:

So please bring equipment and get a game going for those who want to play. In addition, for those BBQ lovers there are BBQ areas. The kids and infants can go ahead and play at the playground and the best part of all is that there are splash pads as well for the kids to play in.

Like above, we can can also cater at this venue as well for those parties who would like to host a little party at Mason Regional Park.

One thing to note, parking is $3. This helps keep the park not too busy, however if you have a party coming through you want to make sure that everyone is okay with the parking fee.