It is almost Halloween; do you have your spooky plans together? Have you decided whether or not you want to get candy or get your pants scared off in a haunted house? Well, if you have yet to figure out your Halloween plans, we wanted to compose a list of things you can do in the Irvine area! In Irvine, there are a ton of costume contests, bars, trick-or-treating, and haunted houses that have fantastic scares and fun. Since we’re food enthusiasts at Taco Bar Catering, we love finding the best places where you can eat and also have a great time. As long as you are drinking responsibly, we encourage you to check out some of the events we list that are around town! 

Halloween Events and Parties

If you are looking for fun events and parties around the Irvine area, you are in luck. There is plenty to do around this time of the month. No matter the fun, remember to drink responsibly and either walk to and from events with alcohol or find a designated driver. 

Halloween Activities

If a party isn’t what you are looking for, a great festive activity can be worth your while. 

For the Children

Halloween, of course, is also fun for children, so it would be a fun idea for the family to go have some kid-friendly Halloween fun. 

We hope our list of Halloween fun helps you have the perfect spooky fun! Taco Bar Catering is a taco catering business that services all of Orange County. We’re incredibly passionate about cooking, eating, and sharing our authentic Oaxacan-inspired dishes with all our customers. Irvine is always a delight to visit, so give us a call if you need Mexican food catering or visit our website!