Baby, I know you’re hurtin’. Right now, you feel like you could never love again.

While your bros are picking up chocolate and flowers for their significant others, making reservations for a fancy-pants dinner, and picking out a tacky rom-com, you’re pretty busy dodging questions about what your plans are. Ahh, Valentine’s Day has arrived.

If you’re happily married or in a stable relationship then… well then, get the heck out of here.

But if there’s a little room in your life for love, we have some great news for you. We can set you up with the perfect date this year. Who knows, they might just be “The One”.

If you think that we’re talking about setting you up on a hot date with a taco, you are absolutely right.


And if you think we’re joking, here’s why we think they might be great for you:


  1. They are caring

    Despite a tough exterior, they really know how to make you happy. They are considerate of your feelings, and you can always be yourself around them.

  2. They are loyal

    You don’t need to worry about cold feet or a sudden change of heart. Whether you know it or not, they have been around for you during the ups and downs of life.

  3. They are bold

    With a spicy personality, this one is sure to keep things interesting.

  4. They go great with a side of beans and rice

    Wait. What?


This one won’t break your heart, no. They won’t make you cry. They’ll give you their all, honey, that’s no lie.

For the love of Tacos, stand with us on Singles Awareness Day this year. You won’t regret it.