We know you have so many amazing options when you want to enjoy some awesome food in the Irvine area. Of course, there is nothing better than ordering some Taco Bar Catering and enjoying fresh tacos in your own home without having to cook! After you’ve enjoyed your delicious tacos, you’ll want to finish off your meal with the perfect dessert. If you’re in the mood to go out for something sweet, try one of these great local options!

iSnow Cafe

iSnow Cafe serves Orange County a very unique dessert called shaved snow. Their shaved snow is made from organic lactose-free, low-fat milk infused with organic honey and sugarcane. It does not not contain condensed milk, and many of the creations include fresh fruit puree and other healthy dessert alternatives. Their pastries are made with high end kosher-dough with quality fillings, and their drinks are made with ingredients like fresh fruit and green tea. Their desserts are made with all organic ingredients, so you can feel good about treating yourself!

Duck Donuts

Duck Donuts is another unique dessert spot with a franchise location right here in Irvine. They serve fresh, made to order custom donuts! To be honest, this sounds like a dream come true to us. You can choose from their selection of pre-designed signature combinations, or you can go wild and choose your own toppings to create your perfect donut. Duck Donuts even caters! That means you could host a party and order our tacos for dinner and their donuts for dessert. Perfect!

Sweet Combforts

Sweet Combforts serves Belgium Liege waffles, a traditional street food that is typically eaten with your hands. When waffles were first created, they they had honeycomb patterns instead of today’s standard square grids, and Sweet Combforts is bringing that tradition back! They use pearl sugars to sweeten their waffles, which give a nice caramelized texture that is unlike anything else you’ve ever tasted. Their waffle menu features a variety of toppings and drizzles, along with ice cream to pair with your waffle treat. Waffles are served on a stick, so they’re easy to eat and totally Instagram worthy!

Lady M Confections

Lady M Confections offers fresh, specialty handmade cakes. Lady M pastry chefs follow recipes that have been refined over many years to provide the highest possible quality in taste and beautiful appearance. The bakery specializes in crepe cakes, which are delicate and perfect for special occasions.


HoneyMee serves ice cream made with real milk, iced tea, and iced tea topped with cheese cream. Their ice cream treats can be topped and sweetened with fresh, pure honey, and customers can choose from flavors like chocolate, matcha, coffee, honey, and fruit assortments. If you’re looking for a treat made with pure ingredients, this is the place for you!

Our tacos, followed by any of these delicious desserts, make the perfect meal for you and your family! We hope you enjoy. If you’re ready to book us for your next event, place your catering order today!