We have decided to compile a list of situations that desperately call for Taco Bar Catering.

  1. You’re in charge of food at the company party

    And you want to wow your bosses with your creativity and good taste. Quite frankly, we’d get pretty tired of Subway sandwiches at our company meetings too.
    One of your annoying bosses is vegetarian? No worries. You can get meatless options for your taco bar!

  2. It’s family game night

    In the extreme situation that Monopoly might end all of your relationships, at least tacos will help keep everyone together.
    And don’t worry – your wallet will thank you for choosing Taco Bar Catering! Our prices are competitive, and your guests will be full of delicious food.

  3. You have visitors and you do NOT want to cook

    Who would? When you have guests, spend some time doing fun stuff with them. Let us take care of the cooking!

  4. It’s your birthday

    Ain’t no party like a taco bar party!

  5. The neighbors are throwing a block party

    You want them to think you’re cool and not throw eggs at your car.

  6. You’re having a family reunion

    Your parents are bringing the burger patties and your cousins are bringing the chips. They can’t ask you excessive questions about when you’ll get married and how many kids you’ll have if their mouths are full of tacos!

  7. Because no one has the time for mediocre food

    Break out of the usual picnic/barbecue food, and try something different at your next gathering.

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